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Pandemics a manual for survival The problem of today’s pandemics is a modern problem. The disease is easily recognized, its modes of propagation are immediately understood, but  the common antibiotics are without effects. When suddenly appears a virus resistant to 8 antibiotics, no virologist believes that this monster may have acquired his immunity all by itself. They know that it is impossible. These are the pandemics that threaten us in the near future, you recognize it when you hear doctors on television, saying: “We have never seen anything like that.” The problem that makes us vulnerable to the new pandemics is the problem of a medical system that has nothing to propose as an alternative to antibiotics, except new antibiotics. But when there are no more new ones? Or when it is necessary to wait for them to be invented? What can we do? Today’s pandemics are a scientific problem: Science produces diseases that it cannot cure. My own 25 years experience with essential oils and that of Aroma-therapists who for 50 years have cured millions of patients is unequivocal: essential oils work where antibiotics have failed. (see here, here and here) The most important observation has been that viruses cannot develop immunity against essential oils. Unlike modern [ ... ]