An interview on Suzanne’s perfume journal to explain the Oud Caravan project

From the interview:

The primary goal of your Oud Caravan project is a very ambitious challenge: to create “An Oud better than Oud, “the ultimate Oud fragrance”. My understanding of what you mean is that you hope to create a fragrance in which the beauty of authentic oud is showcased by placing it, much like a jeweler would place a fine gem on a ring, in an olfactory setting that accentuates its characteristics (draws them out a bit). Is my understanding correct — and/or would you like to expand on it more?

“This is exactly the idea, an Oud better than Oud.

Making “the ultimate Oud fragrance” is more than an ambitious challenge, it is an “impossible mission.” For this purpose I have recruited an A-team of Oud lovers and experts from Basenotes, but I know that they will not be enough for achieving the mission. This is why I have also invited every perfume lover on the web to join the caravan. “The ultimate Oud fragrance” should be a “fall in love” not only for Oud lovers but also for all perfumistas.”

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Michelyn Camen gave me the occasion to explain the Oud Caravan project and the philosophy behind it in an interview on Cafleurebon.
I invite you to discover the explanation on the “Perfume Evolution” that we are living in the present years.
Unconventional thoughts about perfumery blogs
Bloggers have been increasingly courting the industry for recognition (Fifis awards, seats in committees, invitations to events…) and some of them are losing sight of their original mission of promoting conscious consumerism.

About the perfume industry
The industry cannot anymore impose its own criterions and logic, the consumer is gradually gaining the power to impose his will to shape the products, and the refusal of the industry to compromise is digging a growing abyss between what the people really want and what the industry offers.

About philosophy of perfume
My philosophy as a natural perfumer is to produce “Real perfumes made for real people with real ingredients”.I am wondering what philosophy is behind “synthetic crap made for profits with deceptive marketing”

About Indie perfumers
The new generation of perfumers are friendly, idealistic and passionate, the opposite of what a perfume corporation is.

A draw for a bottle of Oud Caravan and much more… on CAFLEUREBON

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