What is the Oud Caravan project?

An interview on Suzanne’s perfume journal to explain the Oud Caravan project

From the interview:

The primary goal of your Oud Caravan project is a very ambitious challenge: to create “An Oud better than Oud, “the ultimate Oud fragrance”. My understanding of what you mean is that you hope to create a fragrance in which the beauty of authentic oud is showcased by placing it, much like a jeweler would place a fine gem on a ring, in an olfactory setting that accentuates its characteristics (draws them out a bit). Is my understanding correct — and/or would you like to expand on it more?

“This is exactly the idea, an Oud better than Oud.

Making “the ultimate Oud fragrance” is more than an ambitious challenge, it is an “impossible mission.” For this purpose I have recruited an A-team of Oud lovers and experts from Basenotes, but I know that they will not be enough for achieving the mission. This is why I have also invited every perfume lover on the web to join the caravan. “The ultimate Oud fragrance” should be a “fall in love” not only for Oud lovers but also for all perfumistas.”

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