Distilling an island: myrtle

abdul-halim2  IMG_0127

Today we shall distil Mercin; the Cyprus’s Myrtle. The tree is just behind home, in Selma’s garden and she kindly gave us permission to cut the higher branches.



Abdu Rauf from America dropped by, he needs a tool from us and we just enrolled him to work, he brings his Texan spirit and more happiness with him.



Hajji Uthman from Belgium also passed by. A man called “mountain”, our 50 liters distiller looks really small besides him.



Once we got the leaves packed into the still we start the distillation.



AbdelHalim uses his french nose to evaluate the result.
The distillation gives little essence, but it is delicious. Fruity and balsamic.



The essence is so lovely that we have decided to bottle it as a perfume, in 30 ml bottles. This is our new treasure from Lefke’s gardens.


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