Ninja Perfumers

Perfume is love.

Like love, perfume is a bridge between the people

Like love perfume radiates from you and enters the heart of others.

Like love, you can learn to love only by loving, you can learn to make perfumes only by making perfumes

Like love, being in love happens without effort, it is like loving perfumes, but to learn how to love is to learn how to give love to others, and it is like learning how to make perfumes for others.

I have been telling you many metaphors in order to teach you how easy it is to make perfumes. Love is one of them.

Making perfumes is like swimming.  Only at the beginning is it difficult, until you realize that floating on water is your natural state. It is fear that makes you drawn, and lack of trust and confidence.

You have abandoned yourself with trust to my guiding hand and you have seen that composing scents is as an innate capacity we all have, like throwing arrows with a bow is. You acquired confidence.

You nose now knows what it smells and you are able to think with smells. You can take a brief and make a perfume in 10 minutes. You can work on different perfumes contemporarily, you can conceive perfumes before making them. You have become real Ninja perfumers in your spirit.

I have tried to teach you Humility as a Way in making perfumes and also Trust in Destiny.
Your perfumes are like your children, they will never be as you want, they will be as they want.

Be satisfied therefore when your perfumes are good, it is enough,  and do not ruin them by trying to make them perfect. That is something that may happen to them with ageing. You will not have to wait long to know, like with your children.

It is always an adventure to meet a new person. I learned this in the Sahara. Every person is a universe to discover, an infinite universe like none other.
Teaching this group  from such different countries as China, India , Russia, Canada, US was a unique occasion for me to apply my philosophy in perfume making as a bridge between east and west.

My Sufi teacher used to say to us: “when somebody knocks at our door we know who has sent him”.
Destiny has sent you to me and has reunited us together on this occasion.

We have eaten and drank perfumes from the first minutes we came together until our parting. You have been composing new perfumes everyday without limit, you were never tired. If I had left the door open after the class you would have continued during the night.
Happiness was your perfume in these days. I am so happy of it.

Do not forget me.

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  1. Leila Johnson
    Leila Johnson says:

    How do you begin to put into words an experience as transformative as the one we were fortunate to share with each other, under Salaam’s unique and patient tutelage? I came to the course with deep passion, and an open heart: I left with a deeper knowledge not just of perfume, but of myself, my classmates, and with a new language of scent to share with others. A new way to connect, to understand and to heal. It was so much more than I expected, and so much more than I had thought possible in such a condensed time.

    It takes great skill to make something complex feel simple. Salaam has created a very special course; a blend of curriculum and philosophy that speaks to the perfumer in each of us. The combination of his deep knowledge, his profound respect for natural materials and their importance to our lives, his narrative, his willingness to share his experience, and his remarkable ability to distill all this into a format that we could understand was powerful. It unlocked something in each of us.

    It is a gift to share knowledge. Salaam was generous with his knowledge, answering our many questions, but he also gave freely of himself. He was generous with his time (we never wanted to leave the classroom and truly would have stayed making perfumes through the night!), with his wonderful materials (letting us compose freely with materials of exceptional rarity and value), with his encouragement of our efforts and his supportiveness of our need to keep working, blending and bringing ideas to life. We blended compulsively, and each of us responded to, and was moved by, the essences he shared so generously with us. Salaam gave us the knowledge, tools, confidence and support to share ourselves through scent, fearlessly. I am forever grateful.

    Finally, I must say some words of acknowledgement and gratitude to my classmates. We came from all over the world to share this experience, without knowing what it be. We were so different, yet under Salaam’s guidance we learned how much we share. It was unifying and enlightening. We were exactly what each other needed in our different learning journeys. This would not have been possible without each person making a genuine commitment to openness, sharing and joyful collaboration. To ask for critical feedback is to make oneself vulnerable, and we would not have been able to absorb, create and grow as freely as we did without complete trust and unquestioning support. We were each other’s canvases. We had so much fun together and made enduring friendships in addition to perfumes.

    It was a profound experience, that I wholeheartedly encourage others to consider. I left Italy with new skills, confidence and an understanding that was different, and greater, than I had hoped to gain. I have a network of special people, ninja perfumers whose continued growth it will be my privilege to share. Salaam shared the words of Khalil Gibran, in his poem On Children: “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”.
    We are your arrows. May we go swift and far.

    With gratitude.

  2. divrinad
    divrinad says:

    Much like everyone else who attended this course I came to it with a real sense of curiosity and an eagerness, in my case, to see how it was possible to make perfumes that are entirely natural. What i discovered was that not only is it possible, it is also beautiful, and necessary. I learnt how important it is to to remove oneself from the jaded and mundane, if only for a week and to really reconnect with fragrance and all the memory and meaning it holds. None of my happy discoveries would have been possible without the energy of the place we were in, my classmates who quickly became friends and Salaam whose patience and philosophical approach to life and perfume are exceptional.

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