Human sweat and perfumery pheromones

Civet easily becomes a pet, but keep your nose away from its behind part

Whoever smelled pure Civet for the first time has wondered how such an odor could enter into a perfume bottle. My first impression was the smell of rotten tooth.
It takes some training to be able to understand Civet perfume, one has to overcome the social olfactory programming that make us classify straight away this odor among stenches.

An infinitesimal dose of Civet can double the longevity of short lived perfumes, and although being in amount so little as to be subliminal, it also add to fragrances a different olfactory dimension, the animal one, and our instinct recognizes it immediately.
This is the reason why the public often prefers the scents that contains civet or other perfumery pheromones over scents who do not.

Human sweat can be a very fascinating smell to a perfumer. A professional  perfumer must approach smells with an unprejudiced nose, or must at least be able to recognize the origin of his liking or not certain smells, and thus be able to evaluate them with an objectivity not given to the general public.
Moreover, a perfumer is always very attentive to the reactions of people to smells, because his aim is to build scents that people will like (and buy).

Human sweat tells what a person eats, his condition of health and also about his sexual life. Most of these things we perceive with our animal instinct and they are not intellectualized, but our behavior towards a person is very much conditioned by these information.

I once red the post of a pervert perfumer specialized into making aphrodisiac perfumes, where he was contemplating using his own sweat in a fragrance. I hope for his customers that he did not do it in one of the fragrances that he sells, but I invite every one of you to do this revolutionary perfume experience  for himself in a very simple way.

My life with natural fragrances as a traveller in some of the hottest uncivilized spots of the earth, without hotels or much water had forced me to resolve the armpit smell problem with what I had ready at hand, that is my natural essences and perfumes.
The result is astonishing, much better than any deodorant and than any perfume as well.

Armpit smell disappears as such and blends into the perfume which becomes much more rich and persistent. The essential oils that compose the perfume have an antiseptic effect that cuts drastically the bacterial fauna which is responsible for the typical armpit scent (see inquest into human pheromones).

You can see that people react very positively to such a perfume, specially the opposite sex.

You have both a deodorant product and a personal afrodisiac perfume.

This is probably the best sustainable alternative to animal scents in perfumery, and a much nicer way to experiment a “human pheromone perfume” that the one thought by the pervert perfumer.

Rush to any natural perfumer and try for yourself  your owwn customised human pheromone fragrance. I hope that you will write me your feed backs, they are most welcome.


By Valeria

I’m an aromatherapist and a natural perfume maker. I feel unconfortable to say that I am a perfumist ’cause I’m talking to real ones. I got this experience since last year when I had a kind of inflamation in my left armpit. In view of this fact, I could not use an antibacterial powder that I use since I was a teenager. I went to the doctor who said that I shouldn’t use anything in there. Lucky me! I had the tools “staring at me” and of course, time had come to make it work on my behalf. I made a perfume with tea tree (’cause of its antibacterial function) + lavender + petit grain with a litlle of alcool and clean water and started to use it under my armpit as deodorant. It was awesome! From that moment on I started selling much more perfume than I used to in view of the fact that people reacted in an unexpected way. The same people who liked my perfumes started to love it! And people who didn’t care about them (at least they seemed to) started to pay attention on them, commenting and better than that, buying! Another thing that I had noticed and that you said confirms my theory that perfumes are much better before you take a shower than after this. The scent is stronger and more permanent. Loved to “hear” it. Science and intuition go together! Thanks for it!
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Tridimentional Perfumery

My search for the real muskdeer scent has carried me in some of the farthest spots of the Hindu Kush but at last I found it from its fount.

I fully understand the need of all perfumers for a sustainable musk scent substitute, but the point maybe is rather about the use of an animal note in our botanical scents, such as Ambergris, Civet, Hyraceum or Castoreum, in order to obtain a perfume with a third dimension.

Like the small machines resembling binoculars through which you look in order to watch 3 dimensional photographs, there are only 2 images in the machine but the vision is truely tridimentional.

All these animal aromatic substances are pheromone molecules and they appeal to our nervous system and to our emotions as no vegetable really does. They do not need to be perceptible in a perfume, it is enough for them to be there. I remember a customer who recognized any tiny amount of rose present in any of my compositions because he hated rose due to some old traumatic memory. In the same way I observed that people recognize straight away in my compositions the ingredients that they particularly like or dislike even if I myself do not even smell it due to the tiny concentration of it.
I understood that our nose is really working like a gas chromatography machine unconsciously and that what we can perceive of a perfume may be very different from person to person. The search for third dimension of perfumery goes through animal scents but the use of them is a hard path, prohibitive high prices, difficulty to obtain and ethical dilemmas. So the first step was hair goat tincturing as a sustainable substitute for musk deer but more can be done.
I myself shall tincture a mutton this week, because yesterday I smelled a very nice powerful one at my neighbours. With a liter or two of alcohol and a big pan I shall rinse it to get his perfume. Mutton smell is somehow sweeter than the one of Billy goat, and certainly more acceptable to most people than civet. Knowing how civet can blend into marvellous perfumes, there is no reason that horse or mutton does not. Just imagine the amount of mutton absolute could be produced as a by-product of wool washing in Australia for instance.