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Natural perfume - Scents of the Soul - Chilum

Chilum 33 ml


I was asked to compose this perfume as a personalized fragrance online by a person who had very clear idea about what he wanted, in fact he had chosen only 3 essences for his fragrance: Mysore Sandalwood, Tobacco and Ginger.

As is often the case with simplicity, the result was a fragrance of an unexpected complexity (simplexity), a strong adventurous character, which brought immediately to my mind souvenirs of my youth spent in wandering travels from Morocco to India.

I did not have to search for discovering the name Chilum, the indian pipe in which Sadus and Malangs smoke the Bang grass and hashish with black tobacco. The perfume is almost all Mysore sandalwood, the scent of the eastern mystic, the touch of ginger renders it even more Indian while tobacco, very distinct but in perfect equilibrium with sandalwood, plays the role of unifying archetype between the Eastern and Western worlds.

Chilum is a very reassuring oriental scent, mostly wore by men or else by ladies with a very strong assertiveness. This is a perfume that women note on a man, and they will feel emotionally attracted to it, specially if their father was a smoker while they were child.

Years have passed and Mysore Sandalwood trees have almost disappear from the famed city and the stocks of essence have dwingled to non existence.

Chilum is then featuring an epoch of the past that is not likely to come back for perfumery, a time when Sandalum Album was available to perfumers for confering his touch of magic to their fragrances.




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