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NEW!!! Italian Series

Natural perfume - Scents of the Soul - Il Giglio di Firenze

The main ingredients are: Iris concrete and absolute, Ambergris tincture, Mimosa, Frangipani.

The symbol of the city of Florence is the Lilly: "il Giglio", which grows spontaneously in the valley of the Arno river and in the hills around the city. It is in reality Iris. From its dried roots is extracted the most expensive of all perfumery materials, the concrete and the absolute of “Orris”. Worth four times its weight in gold.

Iris is the noblest of all botanical essence, its extract is to botanical essences what Muskdeer is to animal scents. The noblest and most precious.

As often happens with precious essences, they have a complexity that makes them similar to pheromones. Iris is the tender smell that small babies produce on the top of their head during the first days of their life, a scent that is meant to foster the maternal tie. This is the scent that "Grenouille" was lacking as a baby in the book "The Perfume". The reason why his mother abbandoned him and the scent that he would have been searching all his life.

Florence is to me the noblest of all Italian cities, if not the most beautiful. Florence has had the major role in shaping the culture of our civilization. Firenze has been the cradle of European spiritual, cultural and scientific "Rinascimento" (the Renaissance).

It is the city of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo e Raffaello.

A blend of “Orris” absolute and concrete is the heart of “ll Giglio di Firenze”. The Ambergris, Frangipani and Mimosa join in, but never challenge the soul of Iris, which remains the main theme for the perfume of Florence.

The noblest perfume for the noblest city of Italy, this is "Il Giglio di Firenze".


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