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Natural perfume - Private collection - Persona

Persona 33 ml. bottle

"The scent of contemplation somewhere amidst the tall trees of the Russian taiga in the summer when the sun shines through the leaves casting long shadows. Introspective, serene and serious but never stern, Persona makes for a fragrance to truly lose your mind to!"

Elena Vosnaki Sniffapalooza

"Very citrusy and crisp bergamot, which stays present all the way through (even into the drydown!), while a background of vetiver and frankincense play supporting roles. A very zesty, yet grounded fragrance, perfect for an intellectual or someone very down to earth. Overall, a pensive, yet refreshing fragrance, free of any melancholy or worry. This does remind me a lot of Guerlain’s Vetiver, although Persona feels much more modern and youthful. The quality of ingredients, (as usual for Profumo’s creations), are on a level miles above 90% of the modern fragrances out there."

L’aventurier Basenotes

"Persona is the scent of a place I enjoy spending time. It is not a dress-up scent and doesn't play around with feelings or stake out territory. It is a tweed jacket, comfortable shoes, serious but not stern. It easily becomes part of someone like me. Persona, very good for my persona."

Laura Donna Basenotes

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Sniffapalooza 24th June 2009

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Mini 5,5 ml.
€ 18,00
50 ml.
€ 136,00


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