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Natural perfume - Private collection - Tambour

Tambour 33 ml bottle

Tambour is the scent of the warrior and of the rebel to the authority of establishment, as is just right in a time where the injustice of the powerful and the oppression of the weak reign undiscussed. Tambour is an intriguing and overbearing fragrance that will only appeal to a true rebel, man or woman.

Its aroma reaches to a refined extravagance and will wear it a person who does not fear being noticed or who has decided to renounce to shyness.

Tambour is the simplest of my compositions, made of two ingredients that are two archetypes of the olfactory language, on whose quality entirely depends the success of the scent: the princely Damascene rose and the popular patchouli of Singapore.

Patchouli is the scent of passed young generations, militant, idealists and researcher of spiritual truth who reached the heart of India hitchhiking, at the end of a purifying travel on the path of inner rebirth. Its aroma evokes the shelter of deep and humid forests, arousing in who wears it the feeling of intimacy with himself. Wearing Patchouli helps to overcome a difficulty to identify ourselves with our physical appearance. It allows those who live in an dimension of exalted mental and psychical experiences to remain with their feet on earth, because its energy strengthen the chakra of the base, which is the centre of our physical nature.

In these properties resides the explanation of the strong fascination that Patchouli has always had for the new generations. They all have in common two attributes of the youth: physical overbearance of the hormonal transport and great idealistic aspirations. Patchouli allows them to marry harmoniously.

For the same reasons the fragrance of Patchouli will sometimes be perceived like a physical aggression by more mature persons who, as a result of their social and professional life, must control their physical pulsions. In effects, Patchouli emanates a raw but irresistible sensuality and induces the pituitary gland to produce endorphins (which are euphorising).

I’s aroma will instead appeal to seasonned rebels, who find in it scent the state of mind of their youth and who will wear it as a manner to manifest their refusal to integrate themselves into the pre-established order.

Rose, the second component of Tambour, is the archetype of the flower and the symbol of love, both profane and mystic. Its scent has an affinity with the chakra of the heart that it energises, allowing him to irradiate our thoughts and our actions with the energy of love.

According to P. Davis, Rose helps to spiritualize sexual relations and favours the creativity in every branch of art because it is the scent of the angels and inspiration is of angelic nature. Tambour is a olfactory melody that possess the rhythm of Patchouli together with the energy of Rose and combines in an inimitable scent their complementary effects on the three dimensions of human nature: physical, mental and emotional.

In order to mitigate the effect of Tambour on others, wear it on an handkerchief in the inner pocket of the jacket or under the arms. It will then diffuse its aroma only when you make gestures, as small scented clouds that appear and disappear in a way much more intriguing and much less overbearing.



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