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for perfumery and aromatherapy

Essential oils, absolutes, tinctures

essential oils


Broom Broom

Chamomile Chamomile

Geranium Geranium

Jasmine Egypt Jasmine Egypt

Jasmine Sambac Jasmine Sambac

Karo Karounde Karo Karounde

Lavender Lavender

Mimosa Mimosa

Narcissus Narcissus

Neroli Neroli

Osmanthus Osmanthus

Rose Rose

Tuberose Tuberose

Ylang-Ylang first grade Ylang-Ylang first grade


Bergamot Bergamot

Blackcurrent Blackcurrent

Grapefruit Grapefruit

Lemon Lemon

Myrtle Myrtle

Petit grain Petit grain


Anis (star) Anis (star)

cardamom cardamom

Cinnamon Cinnamon

Clove buds Clove buds

Cocoa Cocoa

Coffee Arabica Coffee Arabica

Coriander Coriander

Fennel Fennel

Ginger Ginger

Laurel Laurel

Mint (Peppermint) Mint (Peppermint)

Nutmeg Nutmeg

Rosemary Rosemary

Thyme Thyme

Vanilla Vanilla


CedarWood Maroc CedarWood Maroc

Costus Costus

Cypress Cypress

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus

Fire Tree Fire Tree

Gaiac Wood Gaiac Wood

Juniper Juniper

Oak Moss Oak Moss

Pine Pine

Rosewood Rosewood

Sandalwood Australia Album Sandalwood Australia Album

Sandalwood Australia spicatum Sandalwood Australia spicatum

Sandalwood Mysore 2005 Sandalwood Mysore 2005

Vetyver Vetyver


Benzoin Benzoin

Cistus Cistus

Frankincense Frankincense

Galbanum Galbanum

Labdanum Labdanum

Myrrh Myrrh

Opoponax Opoponax

Peru Balsam Peru Balsam

Styrax Styrax


Ambergris Ambergris

Castoreum Castoreum

Civet Civet

Civet paste raw Civet paste raw

Honey Bee Honey Bee

Hyraceum Absolute Hyraceum Absolute

Hyraceum stone Hyraceum stone

Muskrat tincture Muskrat tincture


Ambrette Ambrette

Buchu Buchu

Calamus Calamus

Carrot seeds Carrot seeds

Clary sage Clary sage

Hay Hay

Saffron tincture Saffron tincture

Seeweed Seeweed

Tonka Tonka

Violet leaf Violet leaf

Aromatic Herbs

Hemp Hemp

Oregano Oregano

Palmarosa Palmarosa

Valerian Valerian





Store Description
Perfumes made with the finest natural aromatic materials.
Custom perfumes for privates and companies

La-Via del Profumo Natural niche perfumery   La-Via-del-Profumo-Profumeria naturale di nicchia

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