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Castoreum is the name that perfumers give to the pair of glands called pouches or pods, of the mature male beaver that produces an aromatic substance that the animal sprays on the plants to mark his territory and seduce the females into accepting him as a partner.

Trade of Castoreum pods has always been tied to the trade of beavers furs.

The Beaver’s gland pouch is dried, grinded and put into alcohol to obtain the Castoreum perfume, the aromatic tincture. The aromatic matter makes most of the glands weight.

The scent of Castoreum is wild and leathery, very much animalistic, it is pure pheromone.

With contact on the skin it softens considerably and leaves a very persistent and delicate leathery aroma.

This aroma bestows to whom wears it an enormous aura of sensuality and causes on others a sense of subjection.

It is the perfume of the “Manager Zen”; the pure animalistic vital force that castoreum bestows can be canalised to be transformed into mental and spiritual energy. Who uses it in this way will obtain the charisma of the great leaders

“Manager Zen” can use Castoreum in several ways.

Often it will be enough to just smell the tap of the bottle to relieve stress.

He can also spray a little on the palm of his hands before meeting a person, or give a spray to his office in order to give to it a “personal territory” aura that will give him a psychological advantage.

Who have used Castoreum will rapidly realize, as happened to me, that this fascinating fragrance has become indispensable to him.

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