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Civettictis civetta


The tincture is obtained by infusing the raw civet paste into pure organic non denaturized alcohol 96°. The Civet (from the Arabic Zabad) is a small animal from the mongoose family that looks very much like a cat. Like cats, civet is easily domesticated.

The tincture of Civet is obtained through purification of the animal's perineal secretion (civet musk paste) in alcohol. The Civet sprays the product on trunks and on stones of his territory, in order to signal its presence to rivals and to females.
Its odor really seems fecal at a first approach and even smells of well seasoned cheese, if it is a good quality, but it's olfactory exploration reveals a world of deep emotions, underlying notes of leather, of musk and delicate flower like tones.
The scent of woman! it opens the heart of man to the feminine essence of life. It is very animal, erotic, heart filling, deeply fascinating and very much unlike any idea one may have about a perfume.
The last note comes after a few days on the perfumer's strip and lasts as much as 2 months on these, it is exactly like the smell of ambrette. However it is not lasting on the skin more than botanical essences such as Ylang Ylang or vetyver.

The prophet Muhammad counseled the perfumistas of his time not to despise the scent of Civet. The raw paste is still used to this day in Arabia and in Africa in traditional cures for grave hormonal dysfunction in women.

A man who wears it emanates an aura that brings about respect from other men. This is because of the effect that predators have always provoked on men, being a possible prey. Whoever smelled the cage of the lion will recognize the similarity with civet scent.
Whenever I have to go to the police offices I wear Civet just under my chin. They never take me lightly.

Although civet is an feminine animal scent, a man wearing it will arise interest in women, because of their sensibility to the very physical effect that have pheromones.

It is a conquering scent and its effect exploited in a very civilized way in the perfume "Tartar leather".
The Civet is a feminine scent, like Ambergris and Hyraceum, while muskdeer and particularly the beaver’s castoreum with it's massive and strong smell is essentially male.


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