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Natural niche perfumes by AbdesSalaam Attar   Olfactory psychology, olfactory marketing and communication
Italiano| kodo, the art of perfume making  
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perfume organ

The perfumer's wind organ has been realized in order to bring olfactory education in the schools .

The player of the organ receives the scent from a pipe situated over the keyboard while the pubblic recieves it blown trough the bigger pipe situated the front of the organ, with a powerful ventilation system that diffuses it to a ditance of 10 meters.
In this way the player smells exactly what the public does, and at the same time.


There are 10 fragrances, they can be diffused singolarly or in combination by using the keys of the keyboard.

The diffusing of single essences is used during the first step of the olfactory education program, which consists in learning to recognize and to name them.

The more familiar and known smells such as hay, lemon or lavender are used at first.
More exotic and foreign scents such as Patchouli or ylang ylang, which are highly evocative, are used for teaching to "listen to the soul" and to learn how to describe with words olfactory emotions.

In the second part of the program, the perfumer's wind organ is played blendind 2 or more fragrances and the pupils learn to pick out the components of the combined fragrance played. 


Store Description
Perfumes made with the finest natural aromatic materials.
Custom perfumes for privates and companies

La-Via del Profumo Natural niche perfumery   La-Via-del-Profumo-Profumeria naturale di nicchia

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