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Guaranty of 100% naturality

We certify that our fragrances are produced exclusively with natural essential oils and absolutes as stated in the international norm ISO 9235.1997 (Aromatic Natural Raw Materials - Definition - Vocabulary).

For perfumery products we use NOT denaturated 96° alcohol.

Products composition

For our Perfumer's kit fragrances we use the highest quality of natural aromatic materials, which are the same that we use for our own perfumery and aromatherapy products.

We obtain the Perfumer's kit fragrances either by infusing the aromatic raw materials or by diluting the essential oils and absolute in 96° pure natural food grade alcohol.

The dilution in alcohol allows to use the essential oils in the same way as a perfume is normally used. The purpose of the dilution is to avoid the very strong and sometimes shocking impact that pure essential oils have on most people, due to the extreme power of their vital force.

The concentration of the fragrances can vary greatly from 2 to 10% according to the power and the price of the original essence. The perfumer has harmonized the concentration of the different fragrances in order that you may blend easily the notes together.

Our ethical complete list of ingredients of perfumery is pubblished here



Store Description
Perfumes made with the finest natural aromatic materials.
Custom perfumes for privates and companies

La-Via del Profumo Natural niche perfumery   La-Via-del-Profumo-Profumeria naturale di nicchia

La Via del Profumo - Via Indipendenza 538 - 47854 Montecolombo (RN) - Italy