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  • Perfumery classes in Italy Perfumery classes in Italy
    Held in English language
  • Kit of animal scents Kit of Animal Scents
    Didactical kit of animal tinctures for perfumery
  • Your custom made scent of the soul Custom fragrance
    Your personal scent of the soul


Sampling the Scents of the SoulSampling the Scents of the Soul

CUSTOM: Your personal scent of the soulCUSTOM PERFUMES: Your personal scent of the soul

The kit of the pheromone scents for perfumery The kit of the pheromone scents for perfumery

Report on Kashmiri Muskdeer by AbdesSalaam AttarReport on Kashmiri Muskdeer by AbdesSalaam Attar

Apprentice perfumer's kit. Blend your own perfumesCUSTOM PERFUMES: Your personal scent of the soul

New perfumery seminar in Italy with AbdesSalaam AttarNew perfumery seminar in Italy with AbdesSalaam Attar


Natural perfumery
Psycho-therapy or psycho-aromatherapy!
Olfactory education in schools
Perfume concert with the "perfumed wind organ"
Building a perfumer's organ
Tincturing a 150 million years old aromatic raw material


Human pheromones
Practical guide for the perfumer (1868)
The political perfume




- Italian ice cream perfume
- The didactical game of olfactory psychology
- Sensorial marketing
- Olfactory psychology
- Subliminal effect of perfumes

fragrance psychology  



- Luca Turin on Natural Perfumery
- A perfume for each and everyone
- Natural fixatives: prepare your own tinctures
- A natural scent to help you stop smoking
- Muskdeer: The perfume of the hereafter
- Mythical ocean Ambergris

all natural fragrances  



- Free course of Aromatherapy by AbdesSalaam Attar
- Anti Sharks: African experiences with Aromatherapy
- Essences help in the gym
- "Kiss": breathing fragrance for the mouth*
- Aromatherapy for first aid kit

essential oils  

- My perfumed home
- In case of stress! Scent of African night

home fragrance diffuser  



- Homeopathy and aromatherapy
- How do natural perfumes act on your brain?
- Natural pheromones for perfumery
- The ultimate toxic fragrances

aromatherapy products  



- Urban fragrancing in Italy: "The Fragrant City"
- My scented marriage day *

perfuming commercial ambients  


The fragrant Pharmacy
Valerie Ann Worwood

The fragrant Pharmacy  

Subtle aromatherapy:
Patricia Davis

Subtle aromatherapy

The fragrant mind:
Valerie Ann Worwood

The fragrant mind:  

Encyclopaedia of essential oils: Julia Lawless

Encyclopaedia of essential oils





Store Description
Perfumes made with the finest natural aromatic materials.
Custom perfumes for privates and companies

La-Via del Profumo Natural niche perfumery   La-Via-del-Profumo-Profumeria naturale di nicchia

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