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by Perfumer Composer AbdusSalaam Attar

Photo by Nathan Branch

Imagine a custom perfume tailored specially for you with the scents of your life that are dearest to you.

Your bespoke custom fragrance will be composed with the noblest ingredients of perfumery by AbdesSalaam Attar, a perfumer who is internationally recognized as one of the most able natural perfumers.

Be sure that you really like the ingredients that you choose and entrust to the experience and artistic sensibility of the perfumer to compose the melody of your soul with your essences.

A perfume for your own soul that relates to your unique life experience through the emotional memories tied with the scents that have accompanied you since birth.

Choose from our list of essences up to 7 scents with which to compose your perfume and indicate the 3 most important ones to you. They will constitute the primary “accord” around which the perfumer will compose your fragrance.

The cost of the bespoke perfume is € 220,00.

The bottle size is 50 ml., the label will report the name that you choose.

If you choose some rare fragrances (Ambergris, Mysore Sandalwood and Iris root) an added cost will be automatically added to the price (see at the bottom of the page).


1. Indicate the essences that you would like to enter into the composition of your bespoke perfume

(Maximum 7 fragrances)






Broom   Black Pepper Cedar wood Texas
Camomilla   Cardamom Cedar wood Marocco
Frangipani   Cinnamon Cypress
Geranium   Clove buds

Copahu wood

Helichrysium   Cocoa Costus
Jasmine Egypt Coriander Eucalyptus
Jasmine Sambac   Fennel Gaiac wood
Karo Karounde   Ginger Juniper
Lavander Mint  Laurel
Mimosa   Nutmeg Oak Moss
Narcissus   Origan

Trees Moss

Neroli Rosmary Patchouli
Osmanthus   Star Anise Pine Needles
Tuberose   Thyme Pine Wood
Turkish Rose   Vanilla Rose wood
Ylang Ylang       SandalWood Australia






Almond seed (prunus)   Ambrette Benzoin
Bergamot   Angelica Cistus
BlackCurrant Buds Buchu Elemi
Carrot Seed   Cannabis Frankincense
Grapefruit   Calamus Galbanum
Lemon   Clary Sage Labdanum
Licorice   Coffee Arabica Myrrh
Mandarine   Hay Oppoponax


Petit grain Bigarade   Rhum ANIMAL PHEROMONES
Petit grain lemon tree   Seeweed Castoreum
Tagete   Tobacco Civet


    Tonka Honey bee
Ambergris (+ € 100)  


Iris root (+ € 250)   Violet leaves  
Oud (+ € 300)        
Mysore Sandalwood
(+ € 150)

2. Name the three most important essences of your choice

3. If you already know our Scents of the Soul, which one do you prefer?

4. Your profession or field of work (important for olfactory psychology)

5. Chose the name of your fragrance

6. Make comments, give your skype for contact ecc...

7. E-mail

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The price of your perfume is: € 

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February 16, 2017 at 3:35 pm

Dear Abdessalaam Attar,

I received the bespoke perfume Stardrift yesterday. I was delighted at the sight of the generous bottle of golden liquid. Then, I found the perfume to be the most sublime of any perfumes that have jasmine as a major accent.

The perfume is beautifully blended with fine longevity. I am so grateful!

Sincerely, Heidi


Luca Turin

August 17, 2016 at 9:38 am

Profumo’s personal perfumes

Dominique Dubrana sent me two bespoke perfumes he did for clients and found especially satisfying. He is a French-born self-taught perfumer working in Italy, and spends a lot of his time in the South Sahara building water pumps for local villagers. I have been fond of his work for years, not least because he embodies the fact that the most important thing for an artist to have is talent. You can learn most everything except talent, and he is a natural-born perfumer. We have never met, but he sends me emails and the occasional parcel, most recently his aphrodisiac mix Libidyn. It arrived accompanied by an exhortation to produce a larger family. It smells great, and I plan to report on its efficacy in due course.

Bespoke perfume, as practiced by a few famous perfumers working for large firms, is tiresome nonsense. It is predicated on three unlikely notions all being true:

1- That there is one perfume that best fits your soul

2- That the perfumer will divine which it is in the course of a one-hour interview conducted in a limo coursing through Paris and

3- That she will set aside the much more urgent work her boss is nagging her about, i.e. that shampoo version of the big seller, and focus entirely on satisfying your little narcissistic fit.

That will be $200,000, thank you. I wonder how much Paul Auster would charge to write a book just for one person.

Dubrana’s approach is much cleverer and less onerous, but requires a little more knowledge from the buyer. He asks you to chose and rank 7 materials you like best from a list of approximately eighty. He then composes a fragrance for you, mostly from those seven materials. He charges € 240, and the process takes two weeks. He did a violet-iris one for me several years ago which I liked very much. The two he sent me are Cuoio dei Dolci (Sweet Leather) and Nicolaya. CdD was composed for a dentist who specified castoreum, tonka and tobacco in that order, followed by cocoa, vanilla, ylang, and mandarin. Dubrana rose to the challenge and produced a delicious confection, a sort of gingerbread ottoman that hits all the buttons as required, yet works nicely as a whole. The whole idea is fun and, given his skill, will smell good no matter how cockeyed your list is. I can think of far stupider ways to spend € 240.


Kristiana V.

August 9, 2016 at 9:55 am

I received my custom scent today together with your beautiful gifts.

I just want to thank you so much – when i looked at the bottle with name on it, and with my name on it, and then ….. scent …. I was in tears. i am so happy to have a privilege to be your customer.



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